libnfc  1.7.1
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
nfc_contextNFC library context Struct which contains internal options, references, pointers, etc. used by library
nfc_dep_infoNFC target information in D.E.P. (Data Exchange Protocol) see ISO/IEC 18092 (NFCIP-1)
nfc_deviceNFC device information
nfc_emulation_state_machineNFC emulation state machine structure
nfc_emulatorNFC emulator structure
nfc_felica_infoNFC FeLiCa tag information
nfc_iso14443a_infoNFC ISO14443A tag (MIFARE) information
nfc_iso14443b2ct_infoNFC ISO14443-2B ASK CTx tag information
nfc_iso14443b2sr_infoNFC ISO14443-2B ST SRx tag information
nfc_iso14443b_infoNFC ISO14443B tag information
nfc_iso14443bi_infoNFC ISO14443B' tag information
nfc_jewel_infoNFC Jewel tag information
nfc_modulationNFC modulation structure
nfc_targetNFC target structure
nfc_target_infoUnion between all kind of tags information structures