libnfc  1.7.1
Feb 24, 2014 - 1.7.1

 - Fix several issues reported by Coverity Scan
   (mem leaks, buff overflows, reuse after free, etc)
 - More robust when several conflicting uart drivers are in the config
 - Fix racing condition with uart_flush_input()
 - Silent pn53x_check_communication error messages when scanning
 - Fix nfc_target_init(), was returning success in case of timeout
 - Windows: fix several compilation issues
 - On tag selection, save current target info also for ISO14443B*
 - nfc-read-forum-tag3: fix incomplete NDEF retrieval and size of output file

 - nfc-list: New option to choose which technologies to poll for
 - UART: drivers now supported under kFreeBSD
 - New LIBNFC_DEVICE env var to use one reader and exclude all other readers
   while LIBNFC_DEFAULT_DEVICE only prepends it to the configured devices list
 - New LIBNFC_AUTO_SCAN env var to enable(default)/disable auto scan
 - On tag selection, save current target info even if pnt=NULL
 - On tag selection, grant NP_INFINITE_SELECT also for ISO14443B*
 - Save & restore NP_INFINITE_SELECT status when changing it internally
 - nfc-mfclassic: add format/wipe command (thanks to Adam Laurie)
 - nfc-jewel: new utility to read/write Topaz/Jewel tags (thanks to Pim 't Hart)
 - nfc_initiator_select_passive_target() provides defaults if pbtInitData=NULL
 - nfc-read-forum-tag3: add -q option, add full parsing of NDEF Attribute Block

Fixes & improvements specific to nfc_initiator_target_is_present():
 - Supports fully PN532 & PN533, not tested on other chips
 - Fix usage after nfc_initiator_poll_target()
 - Set correctly last_error
 - Fix issue when there was no saved target
 - Allow NULL pointer to tag
 - Fix issues in case of tear off conditions
 - Now works with:
    * MFUL, MFC, MFC Mini, MFC 7-byte (re-selection: you'll need to auth again)
    * ISO14443-4A, ISO14443-4B
    * ISO14443-4B', ASK CTx, ST SRx
    * Jewel
    * FeliCa

Sep 03, 2013 - 1.7.0

 - pn53x: only create a current target when at least one have been found
 - pn532_uart: fix 'operation abort' feature with this driver
 - pn532_uart: let more time to PN532 to wake-up, this fix some specific cases
   where PN532 shown one of two runs (Thanks to Marcello Morena)
 - nfc-mfclassic: allow option f for read operation too
 - Avoid clash with system's htole32 if it exists
 - Include <stdlib.h>, required for getenv(3)
 - usb: fix USB enumeration issue (Thanks to Mike Auty)
 - acr122_pcsc: fix compilation on Mac OSX 10.8.4
 - Fix pn53x_initiator_transceive_bytes_timed() measures for TypeB
 - Various minor fixes: warnings, style, etc.

 - New PN532 over I2C driver, see contrib/libnfc/pn532_i2c_on_rpi.conf.sample
 - ACR122/Touchatag: misc improvements
 - ReadMobib/ReadNavigo: improve shell script portability
 - Add ISO14443-4 chaining support for RX (MI)
 - UART: add support for BeagleBone serial ports (Thanks to Johan Henselmans)
 - nfc-mfultralight: allow setting of UID for special 'chinese' ultralight cards

Special thanks to:
 - Laurent Latil (new pn532_i2c driver for linux)
 - Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (warning fixes and debian package)

Apr 05, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc7 (release candidate)

 - Fix bug when compiling without libusb
 - Fix several memory leaks in error handling conditions
 - Remove calls to exit() from the library
 - Create safer snprint_nfc_*() instead of sprint_nfc_*() functions
 - Fix warnings returned by cppcheck & clang/scan-build
   - Obsolete function 'usleep' => nanosleep()
   - Non reentrant function 'readdir' => readdir_r()
   - Non reentrant function 'strtok' => new connstring_decode()
   - Buffer may not be null-terminated after call to strncpy()
   - scanf without field width limits can crash with huge input data
   - Resource leaks: missing fclose()
   - Dead code, unused vars & vars scopes warnings
 - Unify copyright notices & update authors lists
 - Windows: Fix compilation due to new usbbus file
 - Windows: Clean up compiler/linker warnings
   - Fixed the suppression of the auto-fixup for linking against MS built libs
   - Fixed all the formatting warnings by shifting to inttypes.h specifiers
   - shifted to %lu for DWORD printf
 - nfc-anticol: fix ATS length
 - nfc-mfclassic: fix reporting of processed blocks total
 - nfc-mfclassic: detect MIFARE Plus 2K as 2K instead of 1K
 - pn53x_usb/acr122_usb: check usb_open() returns before using it

 - New PN532 over SPI driver, see contrib/libnfc/pn532_spi_on_rpi.conf.sample
 - Devels HACKING file: introduce clang/scan-build & cppcheck for better code
 - Better internal dependencies handling (bus <> drivers)
 - Cleaner handling of portability patches
 - Windows: logging via OutputDebugString(), ease debugging
 - nfc-mfclassic: use smaller files for cards < 4k
 - nfc-mfclassic: by defaut don't authorise wrong keyfile, use "f" to force
 - quick_start_example1.c: remove err.h dependency, easier for Windowsians
 - nfc-mfclassic: support some new magic cards with writeable sector #0
 - nfc-anticol: add -t option to use timed functions

 - Upon malloc error, nfc_init() doesn't force exit() anymore
   so now you should test if context != NULL after nfc_init() call
 - API: nfc_initiator_target_is_present() & str_nfc_target()
   now take a pointer to nfc_target as argument instead of passing by value

Special thanks to:
 - Eugeny Boger (new pn532_spi driver for linux)

Mar 03, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc6 (release candidate)

 - Fix several memory leaks (nfc_drivers, libusb, config parser)
 - Fix stack smash while displaying long data transmission (LOG_HEX)
 - pn53x-tamashell: allow larger commands up to full extended frame
 - Add missing windows file in archive (
 - Fix compilation warnings & potential bugs
 - Fix documentation
 - Fix missing malloc() calls checks
 - Fix missing free() calls in some error handlers

 - Allow to disable conffils & envvar supports on embedded platforms
 - Add option to nfc-mfclassic to tolerate RW errors

 - Replace usb_set_debug() in applications by LIBNFC_LOG_LEVEL libusb group

Feb 16, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc5 (release candidate)

 - Add missing sample configuration file in archive
 - Add missing windows files in archive
 - Preserve error code while using pn53x_set_property_bool() with
   NP_AUTO_ISO14443_4 flag

 - New nfc_register_driver() function allowing to hook custom drivers
 - New nfc_free() function to free allocated buffers

Special thanks to:
 - Ahti Legonkov (new nfc_register_driver())

Feb 04, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc4 (release candidate)

 - Fix tag selection for nfc-mfclassic, nfc-mfultralight, nfc-read-forum-tag3
   and nfc-relay-picc
 - Fix crash in nfc-relay-picc -i/-t if fd3 or fd4 is missing

 - Windows support build with CMake

 - Configuration directory (ie. libnfc.conf) can now be set a compile-time
 - Log can be enabled/disabled using CMake

Special thanks to:
 - Alex Lian (Windows support improvements)
 - Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (Debian package improvements)

Jan 31, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc3 (release candidate)

 - Fix pn53x_usb bulk write timeout
 - Fix BCC in nfc-emulate-uid example
 - Fix nfc-relay-picc example
 - Fix a miss returned value within some internal functions (user program could
   be affected)
 - Fix nfc-scan-device -i option
 - Remove wrong exit() calls in library
 - Fix issue in driver acr122_usb affecting Touchatag
 - Reenable some idle in all drivers, add selectively PowerDown when possible

 - nfc_emulate_target() now takes timeout parameter

Special thanks to:
 - Alex Lian (Windows support refresh)

Jan 20, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc2 (release candidate)

 - Fix API version in debian files
 - Fix wrong condition to display a warning when user disables autoscan
 - Fix unit tests
 - Fix ISO14443B' ATS

 - Allow device.optional=true to tolerate missing device

 - pn532_uart driver is now enabled by default

Dec 09, 2012 - 1.7.0-rc1 (release candidate)

 - nfc_initiator_deselect_target() now returns 0 on success (as expected by caller)
 - example/pn532-sam: Fix few bugs
 - Fix ACR122S device detection when no ACR122S device available (endless UART receive)
 - Suppress a lot of compiler warnings !.. which fixes many potential bugs
 - Display right driver name while detecting PCSC
 - Correctly handle PCSC header files on Mac OS X
 - Fix nfc-emulation (now works with utils/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4 and Nexus S)

 - New nfc_initiator_init_secure_element() function to set SAM as wired card (only relevant with a PN532 SAM-equipped)
 - New str_nfc_target(), str_nfc_modulation_type(), str_nfc_baud_rate() function to convert some libnfc's types into allocated string
 - New nfc_device_target_is_present() to check if passed target is in the field
 - --enable-serial-autoprobe option at compile time to replace it with some run-time options
 - New -i option to nfc-scan-device to allow intrusive scan
 - New feature, libnfc now uses configuration files:
   * main configuration file can be used to set options (ie. intrusive, autoscan, log-level)
   * main configuration file can contains a device as default device, HIGHLY recommended for UART devices users
   * multiple devices files can be used to declare multiple devices and ordered them
 - UART port scan now includes ttyAMA* to detect UART-devices connected on Raspberry Pi (e.g. `nfc-scan-device -i`)
 - Support for OpenPCD2 (with a dedicated firmware)
 - Support for FTDI dongle under MacOS
 - Enhance messages display
 - Provides modprobe configuration file and instructions for Linux >3.1 with PN533 users.
 - Greatly improve log facility with log level filter, configurable using conf file (ie. /etc/nfc/libnfc.conf) or environment var LIBNFC_LOG_LEVEL
 - New man page for nfc-read-forum-tag3 utility (Thanks to UNFORGiVEN512)
 - New man page for nfc-scan-device utility
 - New man page for  nfc-emulate-forum-tag2 example
 - README: Add few words about device permissions and udev/devd rules available in package
 - utils/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4: add support for v2.0 of the spec
 - New "make style" command to have a beautiful code
 - Code cleanup (indentation, white spaces, etc.)

 - New nfc_device_get_information_about() now allocates returned string
 - No more in/out paramaters in nfc_initiator_transceive_*() functions
 - Rename nfc-probe to nfc-scan-device
 - Rename abtUid from struct mifare_param_auth into abtAuthUid: this is not the UID while using 7-bytes UID MIFARE Classic tags.
 - utils/nfc-list: always display the card type when a card is found
 - nfc-utils: new fingerprinting method closer to AN10833, (Thanks to Balazs Bucsay)

See NEWS file for major changes (ie. API changes)

Special thanks to:
 - Ludovic Rousseau (Code cleanup, tests under MacOS, etc.)
 - Frank Morgner

Feb 27, 2012 - 1.6.0-rc1 (release candidate)

 - utils/nfc-mfclassic: use MIFARE instead of Mifare typo
 - utils/nfc-list: continue to attempt to reach devices after a connection failure
 - libnfc: avoid readline auto-detection when cross-compiling
 - driver/pn53x_usb: fix path usage for FreeBSD
 - doc: quick_start_example1.c fixed
 - utils/*: verbose option back for nfc-list, and newly implemented in nfc-poll

 - libnfc: enhanced documentation
 - libnfc: debug facility back without external depends
 - libnfc: add nfc_device_get_supported_modulation() and nfc_device_get_supported_baud_rate() functions
 - libnfc: enhanced code indent
 - drivers: implement driver for ACR122S device
 - utils/nfc-mfclassic: remove non-conscistent "extract payload" option in nfc-mfclassic
 - utils/nfc-emulate-forum-tag2: add missing manpage
 - utils/nfc-read-forum-tag3: add missing manpage
 - tests/*: fix some warnings in test
 - tests/test_dep*: add some DEP tests (Active/Passive in several baud rates)
 - doc: quick_start_example1 is now compiled when running make check or distcheck
 - libnfc: a printf-based logging replaces log4c
 - libnfc: various minor fixes/enhancements
 - utils/*: nfc-probe example added to show devices connection strings

 - PN53x specific errors are not public anymore;
 - Timeouts are now integers instead of timeval structure
 - Removes libusb types workaround (r200) as it seems to not be needed anymore but may disturb compiler
 - Removes parse_args() from nfc-utils.[hc]
 - Move nfc-emulate-forum-tag2 from utils to examples.
 - contrib: move udev and devd files into contrib/
 - debian: udev rules file renamed

See NEWS file for major changes (ie. API changes)

Special thanks to:
 - Thomas Hood (Debian packages and various fixes/contributions)
 - Anugrah Redja (ACR122S driver)

Oct 17, 2011 - 1.5.1 (unstable)

 - libnfc: fix invalid memory access when a new driver is probing for hardware and the number of requested devices was already reached
 - chips/pn53x: fix bug in _timed fcts
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: fix crash when usb_bulk_read() fails.
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: continue to search a available device on usb errors (ie. Device Busy)
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: make PN53x usb connection more stable
 - examples/nfc-relay: fix UID problem
 - windows: fix uart_receive() under Win32 platform

 - libnfc: add logging facility using log4c.
 - libnfc: abort mecanism is now implemented in driver layer, so it can use pipe-based mecanism (as PN532_UART or ARYGON driver does under POSIX system) or flag-based mecanism.
 - libnfc: add ISO/IEC 14443 B' aka Type B' modulation partial support
 - libnfc: add partial support (list) for ISO14443B-3 ST SRx & ASK CTx cards
 - libnfc: compile unit tests only on demand unless using --enable-debug.
 - libnfc: error handling improvements
 - libnfc: new function nfc_idle() to set the NFC device in idle mode
 - libnfc: add partial support for Sony S360 reader
 - libnfc: some manual test reports have been added
 - libnfc: list_targets support for ASK CTS512B (no anticol support yet)
 - libnfc: nfc_disconnect() now switches NFC device into idle before disconnecting
 - libnfc: nfc_initiator_poll_target() is now available for all devices
 - libnfc: implement software polling for non-PN532 equipped device
 - chips/pn53x: add pn53x_data_new() function to alloc and init pn53x_data structure
 - chips/pn53x: add some SFR registers description
 - chips/pn53x: implement WriteBack cache
 - chips/pn53x: new pn53x_PowerDown wrapper for PowerDown (PN532) command
 - chips/pn53x: prints a debug trace when reading PN53x registers
 - chips/pn53x: set some parameters in ISO/IEC 14443A when using DEP mode (ie. SAK says ISO/IEC 18092 compliant) (Android NFC stack now detects the target as DEP)
 - chips/pn53x: some optimisations in registers initialisation
 - chips/pn53x: list_passive_targets() fixed for TypeB on LoGO
 - chips/pn53x: pn53x_data now have a operating_mode enum to know the current running mode (initiator, target or idle)
 - drivers/*: all commands are now abortable
 - drivers/pn532_uart,arygon: make valgrind happy with UART-based drivers
 - drivers/pn53x*: use shared pn53x_ack_frame[] and pn53x_nack_frame[] instead of local declaration
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: all USB errors are now reported in text format
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: enable progressive field on init to allow pn53x-tamashell to works (note: it does not distrib progressive field enabling when nfc_list_passive_target() is used)
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: implement PN53x extended information frames with USB devices
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: use progressive field on/off only for ISO14443 Type B target listing
 - buses/uart: now provides an abort mecanism for windows users
 - buses/uart: UART based drivers could now use uart_flush_input() to discard junk bytes on input.
 - examples/nfc-anticol: add -f option to force RATS
 - examples/nfc-mfclassic: handle 7-byte UID cards & MFC Mini
 - examples/nfc-anticol: now use nfc_abort_command()
 - examples/nfc-dep-*: disconnect from NFC device on error.
 - examples/nfc-emulate-forum-tag2: add new example to emulate a NFC Forum Tag Type 2
 - examples/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4: add document references.
 - examples/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4: this example now fails with ENOTSUPP when used with a non-PN532 chip.
 - examples/nfc-mfclassic: write special Mifare 1K cards, including Block 0 / UID
 - examples/nfc-mfsetuid: add a new example to set UID of special Mifare 1K cards
 - examples/nfc-read-forum-tag3: add new example to read a NFC Forum Tag Type 3
 - examples/pn53x-tamashell-scripts: minor enhancements
 - tests/test-dep: add a threaded DEP test to check DEP communication between two local devices
 - debian: enable all drivers at compile time
 - debian: improve debian packaging (Thanks to Thomas Hood)
 - debian: use a numbering that allow to have libnfc pre-version and debian package pre-version too. (Thanks to Thomas Hood)
 - freebsd: add FreeBSD devd(8) snippet configuration for Sony S330 readers.
 - windows: implement abort mecanism in pn532_uart driver (Based on provided patch: many thanks to Edwin Evans)
 - windows: USB drivers now relies on libusb-win32 with version >= 1.2.4.x ( recommended) (Many thanks to Glenn)
 - windows: implement automatic uart port detection and input flush (Thanks to Edwin Evans)

 - libnfc: add 'struct timeval *timeout' parameter for pn53x_transceive(), pn53x_target_receive_bytes() and pn53x_target_send_bytes().

Apr 29, 2011 - 1.5.0 (unstable)

 - libnfc: silent warnings with more strict CFLAGS
 - libnfc: update devd(8) rules file for FreeBSD
 - libnfc: make libnfc compile under Windows
 - libnfc: fix nfc_pick_device() when called from nfc_connect with NULL nfc_device_desc_t parameter
 - chips/pn53x: fix a bug when value is larger than mask when using WriteRegister
 - chips/pn53x: adapt MaxRetries to avoid issue with 2 tags on PN531
 - examples/nfc-mfclassic: UID was shown reverse-ordered

 - libnfc: use a new way to handle drivers, introduce a real HAL
 - libnfc: use absolute include path instead of relative ones
 - libnfc: move some nfc_device_t members in a better place
 - libnfc: improve nfc_driver_t struct to embedded HAL API
 - libnfc: nfc_device_t now embeddeds driver data and chip data pointers (useful to be more generic)
 - libnfc: use more readable variables instead of strange coding convention
 - libnfc: move PRINT_HEX macro into nfc-internal.h
 - libnfc: introduce an abort mecanism
 - libnfc: suppress any PN53x references in nfc.c
 - libnfc: nfc-mfclassic and nfc-mfcultralight examples are now compiled under Windows
 - chips/pn53x: use the powerful C99 writing to construct PN53x commands
 - chips/pn53x: remove almost all memcpy()
 - chips/pn53x: WriteRegister, ReadRegister and SetParameters command wrappers are correctly named
 - chips/pn53x: introduce chip state (SLEEP, NORMAL or EXECUTE)
 - chips/pn53x: add SAMConfiguration command wrapper (need to be improved)
 - chips/pn53x: remove almost all const arrays
 - chips/pn53x: use human readable defines for commands instead of hex values
 - chips/pn53x: in debug mode, the PN53x command is shown in human-readable string, awesome isn't it? ;-)
 - chips/pn53x: try to determine IC version instead of hardcode it.
 - chips/pn53x: new fonction to build frames instead of build them in each driver
 - chips/pn53x: enable aborting blocking commands (e.g. TgInitAsTarget) and refactor *_check_communication() as pn53x_check_communication().
 - chips/pn53x: add timed versions of transceive_bytes/bits, allow to detect emulated/non-emulated tags and more...
 - chips/pn53x: support CRC auto-handling in ...transceive_bytes_timed
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: ASK LoGO: enable progressive field feature.
 - drivers/pn532_uart: major improvement of UART handling
 - drivers/pn532_uart: check PN53x frames when received
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: enhance ASK LoGO dedicated code
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: add LEDs support for ASK LoGO and SCL3711
 - drivers/pn532_uart: implement extended frame send/receive for PN532_UART driver.
 - drivers/arygon: use the new way to drive UART (its far more stable)
 - drivers/arygon: do not hard code PN532 chip type: pn53x_init() determine it and ARYGON device seems to not need to be waken up.
 - drivers/arygon: reject too heavy payload (ARYGON does not support PN53x extended frame even with PN532 equipped device)
 - drivers/pn532_uart & arygon: now runs almost twice faster than the previous stable release
 - buses/uart: receive() is now based on expected bytes instead of calculated timeouts..
 - buses/uart: simplify uart_send() on POSIX systems.
 - examples/nfc-emulate-tag: minor comments improvements.
 - examples: remove nfc-message.h usage from examples.
 - examples/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4: fully reworked example: it now support all NFC-Forum device in read and write mode
 - examples/pn53x-tamashell: add an example for LoGO LEDs
 - examples/pn53x-tamashell: add a script to read Mobib card.
 - examples/pn53x-tamashell: add a script to read Navigo card.

 - libnfc: merge macros from nfc-messages.h into nfc-internal.h
 - libnfc: remove useless files: nfc-messages.h, buses.h and chips.h
 - API: new nfc_emulate_target() that ease target emulation for developer
 - macros: show PRINT_HEX result on stderr in debug mode (that helps to sync with debug msg which are printed on standard error output.)
 - drivers: split transceive() into send() and receive() to be able to handle more cases (differed replies, abort commands, etc) later
 - drivers: use a const structure of functions instead of -dirty- callbacks array
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: pn531_usb and pn533_usb drivers are now merged and use the pn53x IC version autodetection
 - buses/uart: use a smart way to determine available ports on POSIX systems (tested on Linux and FreeBSD)

Feb 21, 2011 - 1.4.2

 - libnfc: fgets instead of getline, bring MacOSX / BSD without glibc alive
 - libnfc: add missing CMake files to generated tarball needed by windows users (Thanks to Glenn)
 - drivers/pn532_uart: fix pn532 wakeup response handling
 - buses/uart: prevent from retrieving more than buffer length (potential buffer overflow)
 - buses/uart: intent to speed up interface
 - nfc-emulate-uid: use a correct UID
 - nfc-mfclassic: fixes a segfault when using only 1 argument

 - libnfc: silent some compilation warnings
 - drivers/pn533_usb: support new device: ASK / LoGO. (Thanks to ASK for sending one sample)
 - chips/pn53x: set register directly if mask cover whole value.
 - pn53x-tamashell: accepts script as arg, this makes shebang possible
 - pn53x-tamashell: add pause command & doc
 - documentation: add a README-Windows.txt file
 - documentation: add more pcsc-lite related instruction in README

Feb 1, 2011 - 1.4.1

 - libnfc: fix missing pn53x-tamashell-scripts in generated tarball. (Thanks to usermeister)
 - buses/uart: improved UART communication on POSIX systems: slower devices can be detected and high speed devices works better
 - buses/uart: serial autoprobe now skips invalid devices but checks all ports in the list
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: prevent from stack corruption when using PN533-based device and add errors handling for ReadRegister and WriteRegister
 - drivers/arygon: fix polling on ARYGON devices
 - examples/nfc-emulate-tag: switch off easy framing when we are not emulating a ISO14443-4 target
 - examples/nfc-mfclassic: fix crash when file cannot be opened for writing
 - examples/nfc-mfultralight: fix 7 bytes UID display

 - libnfc: add a "troubleshooting" section in README to document ACR122 problems with pcsclite.
 - libnfc: inform user if target UID can not be emulated
 - example/nfc-mfultralight: handle lock page writing
 - examples/nfc-emulate-tag: handle HALT & READ
 - tests: add register access test

Experimental: Windows platform support (Thanks to Glenn Ergeerts)

Nov 17, 2010 - 1.4.0

 - libnfc: fix Felica listing
 - libnfc: fix storage of ISO14443B targets data
 - libnfc: fix MacOS build
 - libnfc: fix some errors string (ie. well-known "Invalid Parameter")
 - libnfc: fix memory leak while using *_pick()
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: fix ZLP USB issue
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: workaround for PN532 toggle bit USB bug
 - drivers/pn53x_usb: fix timeout problem in emulation mode
 - drivers/pn53x_usb,pn532_uart,arygon: more robust recovery from unstable states such as interrupted emulation modes
 - drivers/acr122: fix escape ioctl under Linux
 - buses/uart: fix UART default serial ports under Linux.
 - examples/nfc-anticol: fix bug preventing to run nfc-anticol after some other programs
 - examples/nfc-anticol: fix display of UID
 - ... and many other minor fixes

 - libnfc: major emulation improvements: libnfc can now be used to emulate ISO/IEC 14443 type A tag (MIFARE, ISO14443-4), FeliCa and D.E.P. target
 - libnfc: documentation improvements
 - libnfc: decode select/initialization datas for almost all supported target types (ISO14443 A/B, Jewel/Topaz, FeliCa)
 - libnfc: add ISO/IEC 14443B baud rates: 212, 424 and 847 kbps
 - libnfc: cache some chip registers for faster communication
 - libnfc: greatly improved D.E.P. support
 - buses/uart: adjust UART's timeouts from baud rate: faster communication at high speed and more reliable at low speed (affect pn532_uart and arygon drivers)
 - drivers/arygon: retrieve ARYGON µC firmware version
 - examples/nfc-anticol: adds support for CL3
 - examples/nfc-anticol: cascade based on SAK rather than CT, better for educational purpose
 - examples/nfc-anticol: Computes CRC rather than hardcoded one.
 - examples/nfc-utils: print_iso14443b_info() now displays many decoded information in verbose mode
 - examples/nfc-utils: print_iso14443a_info() now displays many decoded information and shows attempt to determine tag name in verbose mode
 - examples/nfc-list: new option -v for verbose mode
 - examples/nfc-list: now support for Jewel/Topaz too
 - examples/nfc-poll: now poll using all supported modulations
 - examples/nfc-dep-target: add hack to allow to use two devices on the same machine (for tests/debug purpose)
 - examples/pn53x-tamashell: New PN53x TAMA communication demonstration shell (support scripting)
 - examples/nfc-relay-picc: New tool to relay ISO14443-4 communications (even over network... Enjoy!)
 - examples/nfc-emulate-forum-tag4: New example to emulate a NFC Forum tag type 4
 - examples/nfc-emulate-tag: New example to emulate tags
 - examples: add missing man pages
 - ... and many other minor improvements

 - API: Many changes, see NEWS file for more info how to migrate
 - buses/uart: split UART implementations: one file for POSIX and another one for Windows
 - examples: nfcip-* renamed to nfc-dep-*
 - examples: nfc-sam renamed to pn53x-sam
 - examples: nfc-emulate renamed to nfc-emulate-uid
 - examples: change examples license for the sake of consistency: LGPL covers library, re-usable examples code is now under BSD license.

Aug 31, 2010 - 1.3.9

 - libnfc: fix ATS
 - pn53x_usb: fix USB issues
 - nfc-mfultralight: fix read and write counters

 - libnfc: rearrange source code
 - libnfc: enhance documentation
 - libnfc: add regression tests (not as much as expected but its here!)
 - build: configure script now supports --with-drivers option instead of --disable-pcsclite and --disable-libusb (see --help)
 - nfc-mfultralight: we now can write OTP bytes if user want to

 - API: nfc_initiator_select_tag() is now nfc_initiator_select_passive_target()
 - API: nfc_initiator_deselect_tag() is now nfc_initiator_deselect_target()
 - API: new function nfc_initiator_list_passive_targets() to list available targets in field
 - API: new nfc_perror(), nfc_strerror() and nfc_strerror_r() functions to handle errors
 - API: new types: nfc_target_type_t and nfc_target_t
 - API: new configuration option NDO_AUTO_ISO14443_4 to enable/disable auto iso14443-4 mode.
 - API: new configuration option NDO_EASY_FRAMING to enable/disable auto frames encapsulation and chaining
 - API: nfc_initiator_transceive_dep_bytes(), nfc_target_receive_dep_bytes() and nfc_target_send_dep_bytes() have been removed (unset NDO_EASY_FRAMING instead of these functions)
 - API: (experimental) new nfc_initiator_poll_targets() which allow to use hardware polling function
 - examples: add draft of a new example: nfc-sam. It tests the comunication with a connected SAM (Secure Access Module)
 - examples: add new example to show how to use new polling function
 - examples: add new example to diagnose basic elements (communication, rom and ram) of pn53x
 - nfc-mfultralight: on write failure, continue if authenticate works.
 - nfc-mfclassic: take care of 16-blocks-long sectors of Mifare Classic 4K in the nfc-mfclassic example's blocks counting routine.
 - nfc-mfclassic: now fails ealier when something goes wrong (this allow to prevent from false-success).
 - nfc-mfclassic: disable ISO14443-4 auto-switching in order to read devices that emulate Mifare Classic with ISO14443-4 compliance.(e.g. Nokia 6212 Classic)

Note: This release will not install extra headers (like mifare.h), programs that depends on should copy theses files into their sources.

Apr 6, 2010 - 1.3.4

 - Fix CT (Cascade Tag) byte when using 10 bytes long UID.
 - Strip CT (Cascade Tag) from UIDs in nfc_initiator_select_tag().
 - Fix CMake build (mainly on Windows related stuff)
 - Minors fixes in documentation.
 - Suppress almost all compilation warnings.

 - API: Provide ISO14443A CRC function.
 - Remove annoying info message when probing uart devices while serial autoprobing is disabled.
 - Rename README-Windows.txt (compilation using CMake) into CMake-Windows.txt
 - Add README for Windows compilation using win32/Makefile.

Note: Windows users could now take main tarball using CMake to build or Windows specific archive using MinGW GNU/Make.

Feb 17, 2010 - 1.3.3

 - libnfc: Attempt to fix build on Windows using CMake;
 - libnfc: Fix build on NetBSD;
 - libnfc: Fix build on MacOS X;
 - nfc-relay: fix usage of two devices that use the same driver.

Feb 01, 2010 - 1.3.2

 - libnfc: Fix compilation issue under FreeBSD (should now compile on FreeBSD 6, 7 and 8).

Note: Experimental CMake files are provided with this release, issues reports are welcome.

Jan 20, 2010 - 1.3.1

 - libnfc: Fix compilation issue under Windows;
 - uart bus: Fix possible invalid file descriptor in uart_close();
 - uart bus: Serial autoprobing is now DISABLED to avoid UART disturbing. (Feature can be enabled using –enable-serial-autoprobe option while configure).

Jan 14, 2010 - 1.3.0

 - build: Add workarounds for libusb when compiling using C99;
 - build: Attempt to fix rpath issue on linux platform (it is already deprecated in main distributions. i.e.;
 - build: wrong paths in pkg-config file;
 - libnfc: Remove warnings when compiling;
 - libnfc: Various code fixes and cleanup;
 - bus uart: Added support for recv/send of larger data chunks (>default_os_buffer);
 - bus uart: Fix some some buffer synchronization problems under POSIX system;
 - bus uart: Add configure option: --disable-serial-autoprobe to disable autoprobing;
 - libnfc: Fix nfc_target_init doesn't correctly reset the parity during initalization;
 - libnfc: added support for WUPA and 7,10 byte UID in nfc_initiator_select_tag();
 - libnfc: Fix tag re-selection with UID length > 4 bytes (like DESFire or Ultralight);
 - nfc-mfclassic: Fix authenticated only with KEYA;

 - build: Build on FreeBSD;
 - build: Add alternative build system (CMake);
 - build: Add new files usefull for desktop GNU/Linux users: some rules for udev to allow non-root access to PN53x USB devices;
 - build: Update msinttypes up to revision 26. (used when compiling under Windows);
 - build: Add "make doc" directive: it will build API documentation using Doxygen. (--enable-doc flag is required at configure time);
 - libnfc: Add C++ compatibility;
 - libnfc: Add driver agnostic nfc_pick_device(), nfc_list_devices();
 - libnfc: It is now possible to specify a wanted device using new struct "nfc_device_desc_t";
 - libnfc: Add device name to device descriptions (nfc_device_desc_t) to select a given PCSC device;
 - libnfc: Finally removed all dirty globals, it 'should' be thread-safe now;
 - libnfc: Less confusing message for bitstreams display;
 - libnfc: chips level introduction with pn53x.h/c;
 - drivers: Add PN532 UART driver;
 - drivers pn533_usb and pn531_usb: Lets search continuing to find other USB readers if any in PN531 and PN533 USB drivers;
 - drivers pn533_usb and pn531_usb: Support for the generic vendorid/productid of the NXP chip;
 - drivers pn533_usb and pn531_usb: Consolidate duplicated code;
 - examples: Add MIFARE Ultratag tool;
 - examples: Add man page for nfc-mfultool;
 - examples: MIFARE examples (mftool and mfultool) have now a better help message;
 - examples: Add NFCIP (NDEP) as experimental feature;
 - examples: add quiet mode to improve timing of emulate, relay and anticol commands;
 - nfc-list: List all devices in nfc-list(1);
 - nfc-list: Simply turns off the RF field upon exit;
 - nfc-emulate: allow UID to be specified;
 - nfc-relay: Initialize initiator device explicitly;
 - nfc-relay: Capture ctrl-c for quitting cleanly the relay attack application;
 - nfc-relay: exit properly if emulator initialization failed;
 - nfc-mfclassic: Add default keys tries;

 - API: Rename tag_info to nfc_target_info_t;
 - API: Rename init_modulation to nfc_modulation_t;
 - API: Rename dev_config_option to nfc_device_option_t;
 - API: Use NULL instead of INVALID_DEVICE_INFO to know if device is valid;
 - API: Rename chip_type to nfc_chip_t;
 - API: Rename dev_spec to nfc_device_spec_t;
 - API: Rename dev_info struct to nfc_device_t;
 - API: Variables have been renamed to match coding conventions;
 - API: Changed length parmeters from uint32_t to size_t;
 - Files: Remove defines.h public header;
 - Files: Prefix messages.h and types.h headers by "nfc-";
 - Files: Revamp libnfc source tree;
 - Files: Move examples into src/examples subdirectory;
 - Examples: Rename nfc-mftool to nfc-mfclassic;
 - Examples: Rename nfc-mfultool to nfc-mfultralight;

Jul 24, 2009 - 1.2.1

 - Fix ACR122 on 64 bits architecture under GNU/Linux.

Jul 22, 2009 - 1.2.0

 - License changed from GPLv3 to LGPLv3
 - ARYGON ADRA-USB/ADRB-USB reader support
 - PN533 support
 - C99 standard (all custom defined types have been renamed)
 - Autotoolized for GNU/Linux, *BSD and MacOSX
 - nfc examples (anticol, emulate, list, mftool, relay) are now prefixed by "nfc-"

Mar 27, 2009 - 1.1.0

 - Next generation, support for ACR122v2 and PN531 USB devices

Feb 12, 2009 - 1.0.0

 - Initial release