libnfc  1.7.1
Data Fields
nfc_device Struct Reference

NFC device information. More...

#include <nfc-internal.h>

Data Fields

nfc_connstring connstring
bool bCrc
bool bPar
bool bEasyFraming
bool bInfiniteSelect
bool bAutoIso14443_4
uint8_t btSupportByte
int last_error

Detailed Description

NFC device information.

Definition at line 190 of file nfc-internal.h.

Field Documentation

Should the chip switch automatically activate ISO14443-4 when selecting tags supporting it?

Definition at line 210 of file nfc-internal.h.

Is the CRC automaticly added, checked and removed from the frames

Definition at line 201 of file nfc-internal.h.

Should the chip handle frames encapsulation and chaining

Definition at line 205 of file nfc-internal.h.

Should the chip try forever on select?

Definition at line 207 of file nfc-internal.h.

Does the chip handle parity bits, all parities are handled as data

Definition at line 203 of file nfc-internal.h.

Supported modulation encoded in a byte

Definition at line 212 of file nfc-internal.h.

Device connection string

Definition at line 199 of file nfc-internal.h.

Last reported error

Definition at line 214 of file nfc-internal.h.

char nfc_device::name[DEVICE_NAME_LENGTH]

Device name string, including device wrapper firmware

Definition at line 197 of file nfc-internal.h.

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